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Check if a website is up or down from multiple locations.

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Is this Website Down?

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About Is It Down Checker Tools?

What Is Website Down?

Is Website Down tests your web property from three different locations with the response time.

In a split second, you'll know whether your website is functional for users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

Why does someone need it?

The Internet is breakable. And it is proved by the fact that thirty thousand websites get hacked every single day.

That's just the external factors. And there are many more which can render your website useless for the users.

Based on the business size, a few moments of downtime can immediately result in huge losses. Count in the audience that switched to your competitor, and you'll realize that website downtime is your worst enemy. Ergo, the 'Is Website Down' will help you to check the status of your online business.

How to Avoid Downtime?

100% uptime is very rare and difficult to offer. Only a handful of web hosts offer 100% uptime Service-Level Agreement (SLA). And even these are reserved for dedicated servers and not for shared hosting that most entry and mid-level people use.

However, the majority of shared hosting providers still come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is decent for beginners. Still, one can do a few things to ensure constant connectivity, as mentioned below.

**Choose a Good Web Host:**There are many in the market with ultra-affordable rates to start with.

And that's precisely where entry-level people go wrong. Cost!

Keeping aside personal projects, even beginners should not jump to the introductory rates. Instead, invest in a good web host like SiteGround, or Kamatera, if you can do a little DIY.

However, some web hosts have a great record and are easy on the pocket too, like Verpex. Besides, you check out review platforms like Hostadvice.com to see what their users speak about them.

Use a CDN: A content delivery network(aka CDN) makes your website available to a worldwide audience with exceptional loading times.

These tools store a cached version of your website in their globally located servers. So when a user visits your website, it gets loaded from the nearest geographical location. This technique reduces the network latency making the website blazing fast and user-friendly.

Besides, these tools make sure your website doesn't go down often, as it'll have multiple points of presence. Moreover, such tools also come with intelligent load balancing to share the visitor load, providing the best results even when traffic is high from a specific location.

And finally, you get world-class DDoS protection, ensuring the bot attacks are kept at bay.

Website Uptime Monitoring: Even after everything, website downtimes happen to the biggest of us. And that's where DDoS website monitoring tools like Pingdom, Site 24*7 come into the picture.

They constantly check for any downtimes from various servers replicating real users and inform you of any issues.

In addition, some of these tools will check for potential bottlenecks hindering your website from performing optimally.

Use Geekflare API to check the website's uptime programmatically.

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