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What Is an Acronym?

An acronym is a new word formed using the first letters of multiple words. It is pronounced and used as a single word instead of a series of individual letters.

Acronyms are used in various fields, such as government, business, science, and technology. Most uses are seen in written communication, such as emails, memos, and reports, while nowadays, acronyms are also used in spoken communication, like meetings and presentations.

What Are Some of the Most Used Acronyms?

Some commonly used Acronyms in the business industry are:

  • ASAP — As soon as possible
  • TIA — Thanks in advance
  • WYSIWYG — What you see is what you get
  • EOD — End of day
  • EOW — End of week
  • EOM — End of month
  • IMO — In my opinion
  • NIM — No internal message
  • OOO — Out of office
  • POC — Point of contact
  • TL;DR — Too long, didn’t read
  • WFH — Work from home
  • WOM — Word of mouth

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