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About Secure Password Generator

What is Domsignal Secure Password Generator?

This password generator helps you create up to 40 characters passwords for robust online security.

You have the choice to use the uppercase & lowercase alphabets, numbers, and special characters while generating passwords for new online registrations or updating old ones.

It will help you to create passwords as per the unique signup requirements. However, it's prescribed to use a mix of all available variables for the most secure and practically unhackable output.

What Does a Strong Password Looks Like?

Good Passwords are a complex mix of characters that are difficult to guess.

Long passwords are generally more robust. Still, the least you should aim for is 12 characters having uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

In addition, one should avoid using common names, anything related to one's own life, or any dictionary word.

Should I Create Strong Passwords Myself?

While it looks possible, it's not advised to set strong passwords on your own.

Studies point to a lack of randomness in human-generated random numbers. The same applies to passwords.

Passwords created by these generators not only consist of different characters but are truly random. In contrast, self-generated passwords can have predictable patterns making them susceptible to hacks.

While a human can have difficulty guessing the passwords set by another human, it's the powerful machines the fight is really against.

These have sophisticated brute force algorithms backed by enormous computational power, which can keep on continuously trying for days, if not months, to rip apart any weak credentials.

Can I Use One Strong Password Everywhere?

This is another dangerous and widely prevalent practice among the internet generation.

No matter how strong a password is, it's out in the open once hacked. Consequently, it's vitally important to use different passwords for each signup.

Why use a Password Generator?

According to a report by ID Agent, over 80% of compromised accounts have weak passwords to blame.

Another report claims less than 20% use a password manager. And the most prominent reasons for not using one were lack of trust in these companies, unwillingness to pay, or lack of knowledge about such tools.

Whatever be the reason, this dire condition translates to countless weak passwords lying all over the internet, waiting to be discovered by wicked cybercriminals.

The easiest way out is to use a password generator. So this will come in handy if you aren't using any dedicated utility and self-managing your passwords in something like an excel sheet.

But still, the ultimate option for online security is using a password manager. What is a Password Manager?

Password managers keep all your passwords safe in encrypted vaults. Most modern password managers have applications for major platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

So irrespective of the primary workstation, all your passwords will be synced on all your devices, readily available to use.

Why use a Password Manager?

Though using a password generator is a good start, it's a whole lot better to store passwords in a password manager.

The top players like Lastpass, 1Password, etc., use robust safety protocols like the AES-256 encryption providing bank-grade security.

In addition, these tools come with features like autofill, capturing new registrations, and sync with multiple devices, making them ideal for present-day internet-heavy lifestyles.

Besides, they have in-built password generators which one can use while creating new accounts.

And finally, you can self-host these applications on preferred servers for the ultimate safety.

What Else?

In addition to intricate passwords, using multi-factor authentication like SMS or Time-based One Time Passwords (TOTP) can be infinitely more helpful.

This will have you enter a code in addition to your password to log in. Since the code is sent to a device only you have physical access to; this takes the online security to the next level.

And the best thing is, it's mostly free to use these extra authentication mechanisms. However, some go the extra mile and use hardware authentication like Yubikey.

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