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Check the supported protocol, server preferences, certificate details, common vulnerabilities and more.

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About TLS Scanner

This tool scans the overall health and configuration of your TLS (HTTPS, simply put) in depth.

With a simple scan, you immediately know whether there are any deep-seated issues within your TLS implementation, including nasty vulnerabilities (like heartbleed, ROBOT), outdated encryption algorithms, and more.

Domsignal TLS scanner is powered by testssl.sh

Why should you care?

Just having a TLS system in place isn’t enough.

If you want search engines and web browsers to trust your site completely, you must ensure the foundations are also correct.

One such basic setting is the certificate chain (not all Certificate Authorities are on the same level), which, if not properly set up, can cause browsers to reject your website as insecure (Firefox & Chrome are especially strict).

Besides, having any other weak link in your TLS ecosystem instantly opens you up as a hacking target (both automated and manual), the results of which can be catastrophic for your website.

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