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What Is an HTML Formatter?

An HTML formatter refers to a tool that formats and organizes HTML code. When developers work on HTML code, there could be missing elements and inconsistencies. An HTML formatter makes the code consistent and transforms it into a readable format.

For that, the tool analyzes the HTML code to find out the issues regarding spacing, indent, tags, and attributes. Then, it applies formatting rules to minify and organize the code.

How to Use Domsignal HTML Formatter?

Domsignal HTML Formatter is an online tool that helps you format and beautify HTML code. Using this tool is also easy, and you do not need any prior experience to run it.

Enter the HTML code you have in hand and click on the Format HTML button. The online tool will instantly format the code and make it look organized and beautiful. Moreover, you can use the Copy button to use the entire formatted HTML code somewhere else.

The best thing about Domsignal HTML Formatter is it does not store or share your entered data. So you can be assured of the security and privacy of your data.

FAQs on HTML Formatter

What Is the Best Online Formatter for HTML?

Domsignal is one of the best online formatters for HTML. It lets you upload, paste, or fetch HTML from JSON files. It makes your HTML code look beautiful and organizes messy codes in a few seconds.

How to Beautify HTML Code Online?

If you want to make your HTML code look beautiful, you can use different online HTML formatter tools. Domsignal HTML Formatter is a powerful tool for this purpose that you can use free of cost.

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