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Reasons to Check Your Password Strength

Be it your bank account, email address, or social media handle, passwords are essential to keep the data and information stored in these places. Unfortunately, hacking and ransomware attacks are on the rise globally, and no one can claim to be free from the risk of becoming the victim of brute-force attacks.

By cracking your password, hackers can steal your sensitive information or transfer all your money from your bank account to theirs. They could also get hold of your personal photos, videos, or other mission-critical files and threaten to share these with the world unless you pay them.

Hence, everyone should use strong passwords for their bank accounts, emails, and any other websites. But how to know if your password is strong enough? Here comes the need to use password strength checker tools.

What is a Password Strength Tester?

Password strength tester or checker is an online tool that tells you how strong your password is. These tools usually measure how long it will take for an app or hacker to crack the password. You can use it to check the strength of a password before using it on any website as your credential. Moreover, you can use these to check if any of your existing passwords are weak and make them strong.

How to Use the Password Strength Checker from Domsignal?

Domsignal Password Strength Checker is a free and easy-to-use online tool. All you have to do is to type or paste your password on the designated field.

As you type, the tool will display the strength status, such as too weak, weak, fair, strong, and very strong. It will cross-check your password strength based on four criteria: lowercase, uppercase, number, and symbol.

Also, this tool will show you the crack time of the password, which will provide you with additional information about the strength of your password.


Is It Safe to Use a Password Strength Checker?

Not all online password strength checker tools are safe for you to enter your original password. However, Domsignal Password Strength Checker is completely safe to use. It does not store the passwords or share them with any other entities.

Does Domsignal Password Strength Checker Store My Password?

No, Domsignal Password Strength Checker does not store or see or sell your password.

Can Strong Password Be Cracked?

A strong password takes months, even years, to be cracked by even the finest of hackers. Hence, you should check your password strength status and make the necessary changes to make it a strong one.

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