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Check when a domain will expire to avoid missing renewal.

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About Domain Expiry Checker Tool

What is a Domain Expiry Checker?

As evident by the name, it tells you the time before you should positively pay for the domain renewal to your registrar.

Besides, this tool indicates:

Creation date:It's when one paid for the domain the first time to claim ownership.

Updated Date:This gives the time when you last paid for the domain renewal. Notably, this can be different from the actual expiry date since you can pay well before in advance.

Expiry Date:Evidently, this is the point in time until you must pay to continue the regular use of the domain.

However, you can still renew after this expiration date. This process is briefly explained in the following section.

What happens when a Domain Expires?

The expiration process depends on the domain extension and can have different renewal policies according to the specific registrar.

So we will see the standard expiration process for generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) like .com, .org, .net, etc., as set by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

When a domain is about to expire, you'll get a minimum of two notifications from your registrar within a month before the domain expiration date.

The moment a domain expires, all associated services cease to function. For instance, any website or email service attached with the expired domain will stop working.

Subsequently, you'll get a final notice after five days of the domain expiry to renew.

The last option to renew without paying extra is when it enters into a grace period, normally the next 30-days after the expiration date.

Depending on the domain registrar, one may get contacted for the renewal till the grace period expires.

Afterward, it goes into a redemption (aka restoration) period (minimum 30 days) from which any renewal will cost extra. The individual registry sets the redemption fee, and generally, it is substantially higher than the standard charges.

At this point, the domain can also be auctioned off to 3rd-parties for a lucrative price, subject to the brand's popularity.

And you can't renew if there is an active bid, although you can also bid to win back the domain from the auction.

Ultimately, the domain is usually listed for sale if it couldn't get sold through the auction, and neither did the original owner attempt a renewal.

PS:This process may differ based on the domain registrar. However, a 30-day grace period is quite common in the industry in which you can renew at standard rates.

How to Avoid Domain Expiry?

The best thing is to enable auto-renewal with a valid payment gateway. This way, you don't have to keep note of the domain expiration date.

Alternatively, you can opt to pay for extended periods (up to 5 years) with current rates.

However, this domain expiry checker will prove useful as most don't pay for such time spans in advance and instead wait till the last available moment.

Best Domain Registrars?

There are many players in the market. You even can purchase from tech giants like Google.

However, Google is notorious for shutting down inferior projects in its ever-expanding portfolio. Consequently, it's best to stick with specialists with years of experience.

The top domain registrars we recommend are GoDaddy and Namecheap for buying domain names at the best prices.

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