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What Is a QR Code?

The full form of the QR code is the Quick Response code. It lets you instantly access the information hidden in the code. While its functionality is similar to that of a barcode, it does not need any special devices to read the hidden info. Anyone can access the information of a QR code using their smartphone.

Why Do We Use QR Code?

QR codes can be used for a number of reasons. It helps you instantly share important information such as email addresses, contact information, website, and landing page with others on the go. It also spares you from spelling out the information but still allows you to share it without any mistakes.

Apart from these, QR codes are also used to share images, watch YouTube videos, connect to WiFi, view PDF files, and so on.

What Is a QR Code Generator?

A QR code generator is usually an online tool that can generate different QR codes. Depending on your objective, you can generate a QR code for your business card information, contact details, website URL, product page, payment page, logo, etc.

Why Should You Use Domsignal QR Code Generator?

Domsignal QR Code Generator is a free online tool that anyone can use easily. You do not have to be an expert in this field to use this generator.

You can use this tool to create a dedicated QR code for your email address, website, location, SMS, phone number, logo, or any random text.

If necessary, you can also add the logo to the QR code that the user will be able to see. It supports uploading or dragging JPG, JPEG, and PNG image files up to 10 MB. You can also change the QR code color using the HEX color code.

How to Use Domsignal QR Code Generator

Using Domsignal QR Code Generator is quite simple. Just select the type of data for which you want to create the QR code. You can choose between URL, text, email, SMS, phone number, and geolocation.

Depending on the category you select, the input box will appear on the screen where you need to enter the data. For example, by selecting geolocation, you get two fields to enter the latitude and longitude. You can manually enter the data or use the up and down arrows to get the preferred data.

You can also add the company logo to the QR code and change the color of the code. When done, download the QR code in JPEG or PNG file formats.

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